Member offers

Dear fellow member,
FSATP has done it again! It found a useful benefit for all the members. At the same time you’re enjoying the benefit, FSATP will be paid a percentage of your monthly savings.
Does that sound like a misstatement? Keep in mind:  This is not the government doing things. More to the point, this ain’t IRS. It’s a billion dollar communications company that does things like this for tax exempt organizations.  In this case, they’re using their cell phone division.
And your cell phone service will most likely stay the same:
1) You’ll keep your current phone number.
2) You can  keep the same cell phone, too. Or get another one, if you prefer.
3) Most likely, you’ll also continue to talk or text or go online using the same towers you’ve been using.
4) No contract to mess with. So there’s nothing on that score to be concerned about, either.
5) The cost will be the same that you’ve been paying. Or less, because that’s often the case.
6) Eventually, it will definitely be less. That’s because the company has an easy and solid plan for you to
get free service. It’s hard to beat “free.”
Some of you may be under contract with your current carrier. If so, you may either pay the cancellation fee or wait till it’s over with, or at least until the remaining balance is manageable.
My brother paid off his former company about three years ago. That took him less than a week. He has saved several thousand dollars in service fees since then.
I will help you in every way that I can, though you will need very little help. You simply call a toll-free number and talk with a well-trained customer service agent. They can walk you through the process quickly and answer any questions you may have.
I’ll give you the scoop on some things that you rarely find out about at the typical brick and mortar store.
The guys and gals in cell phone stores make a big chunk of their pay with commissions – and the more they can load you down with “special phone deals” and the like, the more they get paid. Then you’re often left with a special deal that isn’t very special any more.
So send me an email or call me if you prefer. My contact info is at the end of this email.
I’m pretty sure you want to know how to get the free service. As I said, it’s pretty easy. Just contact a few of your friends, relatives, and even clients.
Hey. You’re doing a favor for any and all of them – they’re eligible for the same free service  you’re going to get.
When three of any of the folks you contact switch to your new company and pay the same or more than you’re paying — from then on your service is free. As long as they continue with the service, yours remains free. Then…  they can do the same! In other words, you will wind up with free phone service for the rest of your life and they can do so also.
Plus, FSATP will continually get, month by month by month, 4% of the amount your service would have been if you had not gotten your service free. Yes, the payment to FSATP still continues, even when you’re not paying the company. And it’s likely to grow month by month, too. Because everyone wants free service.
Best Regards,
Jack M. Winebrenner
Biz: 727-327-1256
PO Box 55368
St. Petersburg FL 33732